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How you can buy?

We offer different methods of purchase the fashion brands:
Pre-orders of goods for the next collection / season, in this case, you will receive photographs, lists, and possibly advice and everything you need to complete your order. This system is best for those who want to have good continuity in their work, be up to date and always have the best products and the best discounts, to order colours, patterns and quantities, knowing after our order confirmation exactly what fashion items will be available for the next season, and thus be able to organise their budget.

Currently available fashion goods, items from the current Italian season. We will send you pictures and price lists of fashion brands currently available from manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, shops. Discounts may vary, depending on whether it is the beginning or the end of the season, the type of item / brand requested and the amount. This kind of purchase can usually be used to restock some items during the season, it does not guarantee the possibility of continuity and choice of items.

Goods in Stock
,  goods at the end of the season or from the previous season. We will send you pictures and price lists of items still available in our stores. There are interesting discounts in this context, but of course availability is limited to models, colours and sizes unsold during the season, so it can be difficult to have continuity of merchandise to assure the restocking of your business.

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